Tuesday, March 22, 2011


The last quarter has begun and the summer internship search is in full swing. While completing a series of cover letters this weekend, I am realizing just how many of the skills I've developed working in the non-profit sector will be transferable to a corporate setting. This summer I hope to find a position working in marketing and brand and product management. In the past week, there have been a lot of neat marketing/brand management/communications postings on the GTS MBA recruitment site for companies like New Balance, Welch's, Kettle Cuisine, Liberty Mutual, etc. Here's keeping my fingers crossed! While the application process can certainly be stressful - the insight, assistance, and support of Marilyn Eckleman in Career Services and the strong network of BC alumni have made the process much more manageable.

If I have not secured a summer internship offer by May 1 - I think I may have to widen my net. I hear Charlie Sheen is looking for an intern to promote and manage his social media network. Now that's a brand to manage! Charlie - my survival this year is proof that I possess the Tiger Blood you're looking for! While you may not have the talent of Robert Downey, Jr. I promise you by the end of our eight weeks together we'll have you suited up and ready to go for next summer's newest, biggest superhero blockbuster. Michael Bay - let's talk.

In other news - classes this quarter have been going well. It is very exciting to be taking our first round of electives. This semester, I am taking Brand Management, Business Law, and E-Commerce in addition to continuing my consulting project with Brown Brothers Harriman. So far the classes have been very interesting and full of great discussion. Life could not get busier, but honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way.

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